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Difference between ReactJs and React Native

Introducing React Native and React Js

Mobile development programmers are always looking for ways to develop and deploy faster and make applications more efficient. With two major operating systems in the mobile world, different companies always have a variety of concerns when designing their mobile applications, such as user-friendly apps or applications, which can be deployed quickly on various devices and platforms. And also face. They are looking for a programming language that runs on different platforms. It took a lot of effort, but it didn’t work until Facebook released the first stable version of an open-source JavaScript library on GitHub in 2013. It was the ReactJs library used to develop web applications. It was a very fast-paced, easy-to-reach library, and it was in late March 2015 that Facebook released a new framework called React Native that allowed developers to use JavaScript and libraries only. React build mobile app for ios. Soon after, the main step was taken with the release of React Native for Android. Now developers no longer have to write separate code for different platforms, and startups and business owners have access to developers who design for both Android and iOS applications.
React-Native uses ReactJS as the JavaScript library, so building a program only requires knowledge and skills in JavaScript and React libraries.
React Native allows developers to enable the app to take advantage of device features. Features like GPS, Rotate, Zoom and more. This is done by having less memory resources and faster loading speed. Using React Native has made the app work better and better.
Popular applications that use React Native include FaceBook, Bloomberg, Instagram, SoundCloud Pulse, Gyroscope.

Features of React Native

Being a component and being able to use components in other projects as well as using other people’s components makes it both easier and faster (Thousands of Components for Thousands of Work)
Much easier to build nice user interface for the app (due to the css-like and jsx style) you see skype also revised up and joined Ricketype recently.
No restrictions for you. You can write java, swift code, where necessary, to create your own nitro components. (Of course you have every component you need, but this is for sure).
A good front end can do a good job of setting up Nitik Rickets, and the Android and Ios developers who have worked before Nitos can be absorbed by learning the basics of Nitik Rickets.
You can work without any knowledge of Native languages ​​and you just have to learn the rules of the app and its differences with the web.
You don’t need to use Android Studio to develop the Android app and xcode for ios and you can enjoy and enjoy any editor freely.
And …

Difference between ReactJs and React Native

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