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The best SEO analytics tools

Best SEO Website Analytics Tools and Introduction

In this article we try to answer all your questions about the best SEO analytics tools.
With the increase in the number of websites in the net, the competition for "getting to the front page of Google" has intensified and all site employers want to take the lead.
To get ahead of the site in the web world, the site must be optimized or SEO
There are many tools available for you to analyze the optimization of a website on different search engines.

4 Top SEO Website Analysis Tools


(gtmetrix) JTMrix is ​​one of the best website analytics tools for website review that identifies various factors such as site speed, site size, number of queries per site.
And also by providing some troubleshooting the site will help you improve these factors.
Problems like minify css jd, optimize images, defer parsing of javascript and more.
It also gives you tips for solving any of these problems. By holding the mouse over the what's this mean button? You can get these tips.
If you would like to get help from gtmetrix to investigate these factors, just go to gtmetrix.com and copy your site for free.


Warnock is the second of the list of the best SEO analytics tools that we intend to introduce to you.
Warnak explores other important factors in your site's SEO
Factors like having heading, title, description and being active on social networks
(social media), presence or absence of map site and robots.txt file, etc.
It also gives you tips on how to fix these problems by clicking on the title of the problem you can access
If you want to get help from woorank to investigate these factors, just go to the woorank.com website and copy your site for free.

3-google webmaster

Google Webmaster (search console) is one of the best SEO analytics tools introduced by Google.
You can submit a sitemap to a webmaster. You can also submit a robots.txt file to your site. You can find valuable information below:
In the old version of Webmaster:
Enter the search analytics section of the search traffic and click the go to the new report button to view a report from your site
Information you can find here:

1- total click Clicks on your site pages.
2-total impression The number of times your site appears in the results when a search is searched on Google
3-average ctr Clickthrough rate means how many percent of the number of times your site has been clicked on Google.
4-average position The location where the site is located.

4-google analytics

Google Analytics is also the fourth tool in the list of best SEO tools that we are going to introduce in this article.
The tool is also available free of charge to users from Google. Unfortunately, it is only available for users residing in Iran with vpn because Google has blocked Iranian IPs for using the service.
Google Analytics is one of the most widely used tools for monitoring user behavior
In this service you can get a lot of information about user behavior or so-called behavior.
For example what countries your users are from or what tools they used to log into your site, such as mobile, tablet or laptop, etc.
Or what operating system was Android, ios or ...
Or how many people are on your site online now and which page they are looking at ...

The best SEO analytics tools

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